NYC Department of Environmental Protection
The above video shows the importance of the back-flow prevention. If we failed to prevent the contaminated water from back-flowing, it may deteriorate the drinking water quality. The NYC DEP is in charge of law enforcement.
A backflow prevention device is a sophisticated device that requires a relevant plan and approval by authority. Once client requested, we take a quick trip to your location to check for any problems that might rise during and after installation.
Then we request our plan to highly experienced Professional Engineers and/or Architects to obtain authority’s approval. This whole process will be taken care by Peter Plumbing while you kick back and relax.
Initial Inspection
Any backflow prevention device that has been newly installed must be inspected in 30 days. This inspection is called Initial Inspection. The report must be signed by both Architect/Engineer and Master Plumber.
In most cases, the device we installed shall be initially inspected by us.
Annual Inspection
After Initial Inspection, annual inspection must be performed every year. By the law, the landlord is in charge of this inspection. Once inspection is done by Peter Plumbing, we follow up for your annual inspection in future!
We notify you via mail or phone so you can schedule your inspection in time and avoid any violation.
Repair and Replacement
National code recommends to disassemble, clean, and overhaul backflow prevention device once every five years. This term is based on studies about average life time of internal parts by the manufacturer.
However if the device is exposed to freezing or serious debris problem, it might damage the internal parts and requires immediate attention.