Who We Are

Looking for the best RPZ installer or famous plumber around New York City? You are at the right place to get the job done.

Peter Plumbing is led by a Master Plumber, partnered with local architects and professional engineers. Master plumber is Mr. Heo, his origin is South Korea. Staffs are Plumbing Journeyman and Back-flow Prevention Testers.

We have expertise in overall plumbing related fields. With proper licences, we have performed plumbing constructions, RPZ installations / inspections as well as boiler inspections in New York City 5 boroughs, Yonkers area and Nassau county in Long Isalnd.

Violation notice from New York City Building Department (DOB) or Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or summons from court? You are encouraged to call to (718) 888-1855.

Old building constructed before than 50 years ago? Building owners need to think about the plumbing regulations updated continuously. Since NYC is more crowded than then, for an example, regulations got so tightened that you cannot drain rain waters out on the ground.


Yeong H. Heo, NYC Master Plumber #1876
NYS Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester

Why you should choose us?

  1. Premium Service – certified testing and repair service
NYC DEP only accepts reports that are signed by Certified Backflow tester and sealed by Master Plumber.

  1. High-Standard Support – hassle-free installation and annual follow up
We have expertise in Backflow Prevention Device. We will guide you through the backflow prevention from start to finish.

  1. For Your Success – Free diagnostic will be performed if device failed
Don’t worry if your device failed the inspection. We will quickly diagnose the problem and find out the remedies it should take.

  1. More than RPZ – Annual Boiler Inspection / Violation Removal / etc…
We are not only specialized in RPZ and backflow prevention. If you have commercial low pressure boilers that requires annual inspection, why don’t you request it with your RPZ inspection? Save money, save time!